What feel good food you can eat without gaining weight

If you have ever wondered what feel good food you can eat without it making you fat read on.

On the first place is chocolate. I know you might be thinking chocolate is fattening and addictive. How can chocolate be recommended as a non-fattening feel good food? Well the truth is that nothing beats chocolate when it comes to putting a smile on a tired and depressed face. And besides the chocolate I am referring to is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate with a content of at least 50% cacao, that is almost sugarless.


Trailing right in the back of dark chocolate is red wine. Many overindulge drinking red wine as a feel good food creating all sorts of problems for them. Drinking too much alcohol has a bad influence on your health and diet. You should at most 2 glasses of red wine to make the sadness go away. Moderation is the key. Now if you really want a bad mood killer drink a glass of red wine and eat a piece of dark chocolate. The taste is absolutely fabulous and you will become a beacon of happiness.

Bananas are another feel good food. It is true that they contain a little too much sugar, but at least it’s natural sugar. Being one of the richest fruits in proteins and potassium, bananas are great in the fight against depression. Women should eat bananas to pass smoother over the menstrual cycle period. If you feel a lack of energy eat a banana and your energy levels will jump right up again. Because of their high contents of antioxidants, beta-carotene, vitamin C and B6, bananas are a good food for balancing the nervous system.

Honey has a powerful energizing effect on your body, it strengthens your immune system and honey helps your mind relax also. Studies have shown that eating honey helps the release of serotonin into your body. Serotonin is the happiness endorphins.

Here is a list of other feel good foods you might consider when you feel down:
-low fat meat, seafood, tuna, salmon, sardines, brown rice, whole grain cereals, tofu;
-fruits and vegetables like: oranges, lemons, grapefruits, peppers, parsley, broccoli, green vegetables, bananas, watermelons, avocado;
-snacks and beverages: tofu, almonds, chocolate, yogurt, green tea, fresh juice, sunflower seeds.

When you feel a little depressed and down put on your plate a healthy feel good food that will make you smile again without making you gain weight.

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