You Don’t Need a Strict Diet for Weight Loss

July 12, 2010

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I am a nutritional overachiever.~Author Unknown

To lose weight you don’t need to follow a strict diet. In fact it might even be counterproductive for you to do so. You can’t expect yourself to follow a diet perfectly. Perfection isn’t a trait specific to us humans. We try to achieve perfection but most likely we will never do. Descartes has a whole book dedicated to the improbability of us ever being or creating something perfect. Flaws are inherent to our nature.

Considering this, setting unrealistic standards for your diet is a sure way to make sure you fail. I am a big believer of setting one’ self to succeed in every endeavor. That is why you should take into consideration the possibility of occasional binging, and eating some unhealthy snack from time to time. I guarantee you will break your strict diet eventually, so why not plan on doing so. It will free up your mind and eliminate a lot of stress.

Dieting should never be about willpower. Following a strict diet for weight loss is always about willpower. If you have chosen the best diet for you, you will won’t need to much willpower to follow it. It will just flow along integrating itself in your daily life.

Strict diets are a source of frustration and disillusion. Even if you succeed to follow it to the letter, probably you won’t get the intended results. Or if you get the desired results you won’t be able to keep them for too long.

A more flexible diet on the other hand will probably help you lose a lot less weight than a strict diet. But you will have a much easier time following the flexible diet which means that you can use it for longer periods of time. This in turn will make it so you will lose a lot more weight with the help of the flexible diet than with the help of the strict diet.

The greatest benefit of a flexible diet is the fact that it adapt itself to some degree to your lifestyle, while at the same tie changing your eating habits. And this is the basis for losing weight and keeping it off forever.

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