You cannot lose fat from just one part of your body

May 22, 2009

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Many people have the following problem when they lose weight: even if their desire is too lose fat from their abdomen, it happens that their hips are the first to lose fat. Other want to lose fat from theit butt and instead lose fat from their abdomen. It seems that it is impossible to lose fat from just one specific part of your body.

Those are just the first results. In time you will lose the fat from your desired body areas too. Just stick to your weight loss program. You need lots of patience and truckloads of perseverance. You lose fat from your whole body in a pre established way by your body. Usually is the inverse way of how the fat deposits were formed. The newer fat goes first then the older one. Also some fat deposits are really hard to lose. That is the case of belly fat. Usually belly fat is harder to take off than the fat from the hips. Localizing which fats to lose is a futile task.


If you don’t want to sabotage your weight loss efforts then you should avoid binging during the weekend. Many people overeat during the weekend, and then they are astounded that all their weight loss efforts are in vain. This situation is especially bad if you overindulge in fast food and fried foods during the weekend. You must keep a healthy diet all week round.

You should eat at least 3 meals daily. Eat healthy food that will give you all the energy you will need for all your daily activities. Make sure you never get hungry during the day, and if you feel hunger eat a healthy snack. That way you won’t binge later.

Working out is a must if you really want to lose weight. You have to increase your muscle mass to put your weight loss on the fast track. When you will get on the scale it might show some extra pounds. Don’t be alarmed. In fact congratulate yourself. It means that you have gained muscle mass. Muscles weight more than fat and they need more energy also. By increasing your muscle mass you will burn more calories daily.

So localized weight loss is a myth, a mirage. You will just have to lose fat from your whole body to lose fat from the specific location that you would like to target.

Find out why the scale shows more weight not less.

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