Workout Motivation Tips: how to get motivated to keep working out

October 14, 2009

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If you have ever stated working out an then you dropped out you have firsthand experience what the lack of motivation can do to your workout schedule. Many people fall prey to this and sabotage their fitness goals and weight loss programs this way. You shouldn’t worry. There are some simple workout motivation tips that will help you get more exercise each week.

Pick a workout and a form of exercising that best suits your lifestyle: do you enjoy working out alone or in a group. Depending on your answer you should chose a form of exercising that will be enjoyable to you. You have to make your workout pleasing not a chore. Are you a very competitive person, then choose competitive sports. If aren’t competitive try jogging or rollerblading.


Set realistic goals: start with simple goals that you can reach easily. As time passes and your fitness condition improves you can set bigger goals as long as you make sure they are achievable by you in that timeframe. Avoid getting frustrated and you will be more likely to stick to your workout schedule. Also once you achieve a goal reward yourself. That way you will increase your motivation to work out.

Start slow: and work your way up the intensity scale. If you start working out at full force you will get muscle soreness and that will put an abrupt end to your workout routine.

Vary the type of workout you do weekly: if you do the same type of exercises week in and week out you are bound to get bored with them. Spice up your workout by mixing in different types of sports and exercises. Go form jogging to bicycling to dancing to going to the gym and so on. That way you will keep your workout motivation at a high level all the time.

Be creative and be physically active all day: you don’t have to limit working out to a certain time of the day. While you are at work you can find out ways to exercise a lot by moving from place to place. Seek any opportunity to get more movement in your daily life.

Be more flexible: if you cannot make it to the gym one day don’t stop going forever. If something stops you from exercising today make sure you are going to work out next day or in the near future. Just because you miss one workout session doesn’t mean that you have to stop following your workout schedule.

Evaluate your fitness level and workout results periodically: as you see that you are getting results you will become even more motivated to workout. This will create a good workout motivation circle that will keep you going even on a raining day.

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