Workout motivation: how to get off your bum and get fit now

May 19, 2009

Health & Motivation

The best thing you can do to always get motivated to workout is pay a personal fitness trainer. Maybe the personal fitness trainer won’t be that persuasive but when you start getting low on cash you are sure going to start working out and using the services your personal trainer has to offer.

The second best way to motivate yourself to workout is to have a workout partner that is a fitness fanatic. If your workout friend is much more motivated than you are then he will drag you out of your home and into the gym. This is a great way to get motivated. You might even say that motivation is contagious. If you stay in an environment full of workout motivated people you will get motivated to workout more often too.


The benefits of working out may motivate you. Imagine having a super health, being happier and more energetic daily. Those are goals worth achieving. Working out is one of the most simple way to achieve it and one of the few ways that is also healthy. Put a post it with the benefits of working out on the fridge or on the TV. Write more benefits that you can get form working out so you will be even more motivated to workout.

Set a goal for yourself and start working to achieve it. Once you start getting results you will become increasingly motivated. Unfortunately this is a double edged sword. When you hit the fitness plateau where no results show up for a period of time you might get discouraged really fast. My advice is to hang in there. Use the other motivation tricks you have to get past this rough period of time. Pretty soon you will start getting new results and your motivation will be at a new height in intensity.

Never sabotage you workout by eating a heavy meal. Eat something light before working out. For ideas find out what to eat before a workout so you will get the maximum out of every workout.


Start competitions and games with yourself or, even better, with your friends. Bet on who will get to a certain result the fastest or start playing sports that are very competitive. Be creative and invent new and wacky games and fitness competitions. Have fun and enjoy working out. That way you will be even more motivated to go to the gym and workout.

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