Winter Food: how to avoid winter weight gain

February 22, 2010

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Winter weight gain

Did you notice that every winter you gain a few extra pounds? Most answers to this question will be affirmative. It is known that in the winter, the predisposition to gain a few pounds is greater, and then we spent the entire spring and summer to get rid of excess fat accumulated in winter.

What causes winter weight gain?

There is no logical explanation for why we gain weight during winter, but there are several potential reasons for doing so.

Genetic predisposition – genes can be "programmed" to eat more foods high in fat and more alcohol in cases of low temperature. A plausible explanation would be that our ancestors needed a significant amount of fat in the body to act as a "fuel" to help them survive the cold. Researchers say that we have inherited these genes, and with them the need to eat foods high in fat (in large quantities) during the winter.

Serotonin levels – the interaction of various chemicals in the brain can influence appetite and food consumption. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, which is a substance that is designed to transmit messages from one nerve cell to another. A low level of serotonin (a phenomenon common in overweight persons) may create a permanent appetite and has a great influence on our mental states (emphasizing depression, sleep problems). Some people often feel depressed in the winter, a reaction to the few hours of light that can be enjoyed throughout the short day. Our bodies react to depression, producing an increased amount of serotonin; one of the effective ways to maintain high levels of serotonin is high consumption of carbohydrates.

Unfortunately, many foods that are high in carbohydrates (chips, cookies, chocolate, and pies) also have a high fat content, so excessive consumption for a long time will inevitably lead to an increase in weight. Solution: Make sure you eat those carbohydrates with a high content of fiber to increase serotonin levels and combat depression without being confronted with excess fat.

Inactivity – it is clear that physical activity does not appear as nice in the winter, compared to the freedom that is offered by the warm season. But you should not in any way abandon the sport, because of cold or rain. It seems to be the main reason why everyone is complaining in the winter – weight gain

Practical solutions to winter weight gain

What can we do about this? First you must know that we are not as active as in the summer and you must find a fitness solution. If you cannot walk outside because you cannot stand the cold, join a fitness center, dance classes, Pilates exercises, yoga or any physical activity that you want to follow.

Also, winter is the perfect season to perform exercises in the house, using the special equipment that you have. You can opt for watching videotapes to diversify exercises, it can motivate you more.

Remember to walk when you feel that the time is less hostile, after a 10 minute walk you will warm up and you will feel great. There are many ways to make sure you geat a fabulous winter workout.

Winter foods: What foods should I eat in the winter?

Winter is no longer an obstacle in the consumption of fruit and vegetables. Just think of delicious imported fruits (oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, kiwi, and guava) which are rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoid that prevent cold and flu. Try to eat any of these fruits during every meal to strengthen your immune system.

Eat as many soups as you can. They are nutritious and will not put on weight. One of the simplest versions of vegetable soup is the chicken or beef, whatever you prefer. Or you can try using flavored beef or chicken cubes that you add to vegetable soup. Try to eat one soup every day and you will not gain weight.

If you feel you are starting to gain weight, make a minimal effort, choose a physical activity that you do it with pleasure, eat nourishing food, but that do not put on weight (fruits, soup) and you can get your thinking from the 11-15 pounds with you "got stuck with" each spring.

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