Whole grain foods for your daily meals

May 6, 2009

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You should make sure that at least half of all the cereals and cereal based foods are whole grain. Whole grain foods are excellent for a healthy nutrition. Ideally you would eat 3 portions of whole grain cereals daily.

The options when it comes to whole grain foods are many and include: wholemeal bread, whole wheat, seeds, brown rice, couscous, wholemeal breakfast cereals, expanded cereals, popcorn, oatmeal…

If you have set your mind on eating more whole grain foods and decide to switch to whole grain bread be careful. Not every bread that has a darker color is wholegrain. Read the label to find out the exact contents of the bread. Also some pastry products that pass as whole wheat are in fact made of white flour and with lots of food additives.


Here are some ideas of what whole grain foods you can eat daily:

  • -25 grams of whole grain cereals can be eaten as mother nature provided them to us, without any type of processing.
  • -one slice of whole wheat bread.
  • -100 grams of boiled brown rice or whole grain pastas.
  • -3 to 4 whole wheat biscuits.
  • -whole grain cereals for breakfast.

There are lots of choices when it comes to eating whole grain foods. All you have to do is change your lifestyle and make a conscious choice to eat more healthy foods. I find that whole grain foods are tastier than the unhealthy alternatives. My taste buds get a joy ride every time I eat a whole grain food. The taste is much more rich and full. So switching to whole grain foods should be an easy task considering that they are tasty too.

It would be interesting to find out what whole wheat foods you like to eat and recommend others to give a try. Just write your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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