White Tea Health Benefits: white tea is full of antioxidants

June 4, 2009

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I have just recently found out that there is a white tea. It blew me away. I knew about green tea and it’s health benefits and about the health benefits of black tea. Nut I did not know there was also white tea. I guess the good force should be strong in it considering it is white tea.

The healthy benefits of white tea are known and used for centuries by the Chinese. Scientists are praising the effects of white tea on bacteria. White tea can stop or even kill the spreading of bacteria that produce dental caries, staphylococcus and streptococcus infections, pneumonia.

Studies have shown that white tea contains anticancerous antioxidants that are even stronger than the ones found in green tea. White tea also has less caffeine than black tea and green tea. Black tea has 40 mg of caffeine and green tea has 20 mg of caffeine while white tea has only 15 mg caffeine.

White tea is made out of the tea plant named Camellia sinesis. This plant grows in about 50 countries representative being India and China. White tea isn’t processed in any way or fermented. The young leafs and buds of Camellia sinesis are used to make white tea. They have to be harvested only at a certain time of the year and that is why white tea is so rare compared to other teas. After the tea plant is harvested it is steamed and dried. That way its qualities are preserved. Compared to black and green tea white tea has the most non-destructive processing.


Studies have revealed again and again the curing and healthy properties of white tea. Compared to green tea, white tea has even stronger anti-viral and anti-bacteria properties. In vitro white tea extract even kills some microscopic organisms that make us ill. Because of that white tea has worked his way into some toothpastes with the purpose of increasing their anti-bacterium effects.

Drinking white tea combined with a proper medication can help cure colon tumors. The medication becomes more effective because of the white tea.

If you spend lots of hours outside under the blazing sun, especially during summer you should drink lots of white tea. You get hydrated and at the same time it will increase the protection of the skin when exposed directly to the burning sun rays. People suffering of skin cancer can find in whit tea a little extra support in their fight.

White tea and green tea have the same type of antioxidants. But white tea has the most antioxidants than any of the other teas. That is why it is the top anticancerous tea you can drink. Studies have proven it. Antioxidants keep us healthy and fight for us against free radicals that can create all sorts of health problems.

You brew whit tea just like you would brew any other tea. For a cup of tea you would use one and a half spoon of white tea. You don’t let the water boil, you just heat it up to get it ready.

I have tried white tea and it is awesome. I recommend it. You should definitely try it with a spoon of honey.

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