What to look for when you buy food

May 12, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

Foods are the biggest part of our day to day shopping sprees. We all want our foods to be fresh, healthy, and cheep if possible. When you go out to buy food make sure you read the label of the foods you buy. Here is what you should look for:

  • -the name of the product
  • -the expiration date of the food
  • -the terms of use
  • -what does the food actually contain. Look out for food with lots of food additives.
  • -the name and the address of the manufacturer.

When it comes to buying bottled water you should look out for:

  • -on the label there should be a mention about being natural water
  • -who has bottled the water
  • -the chemical composition of the water
  • -eventual side effects related to drinking that type of water.

So you don’t get caught by surprise by the not so good side effects of some waters read careful the label. If you don’t you might get affected by a mild laxative effect or a diuretic one. In the case you are on a low sodium diet buy water which has mentioned don the label something related to low sodium content.

If you dissatisfied by the quality of the services or of the products don’t hesitate to make a complaint. The owners of the business should be grateful and you will do a great public service. Other shoppers like you will get better customer service because of you. Well at least for a short time. If you stumble on a product that might cause many persons to become ill please announce the proper authorities.

I wish you happy shopping and good health.

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