What to look for in fitness clothing to ensure a perfect workout

May 19, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

If you decide to go to the gym, an aerobic class or to start jogging you need the right fitness clothing. You must choose your fitness clothes with care, making sure they are pleasant to the touch, resistant and offer protection to the skin.

The materials from which the fitness clothes are created must ensure, during a long and intense workout, that your skin will stay as dry as possible and eliminate the sensation of cold. These types of fabrics must have a quick drying time, absorbing the sweat and transporting it from the inner layers, near the skin, of the fitness clothes to the outside layers. If the fabric also has had antibacterial treatment then your skin is even more protected from different possible skin diseases.


My favorite combination is cotton and spandex because of the absorbent properties of the cotton and the freedom of movement given by the spandex fibers. This type of fabric is perceived by your body as soft while being very resistant to wear and tear.

In the process of making fitness clothing, special sewing machines are used. These make elastic seams that allow you to move freely whichever way you want. The seams have to be specific to the type of fabric used to make the fitness clothing. That way your skin won’t be bothered and get irritated during the workout. Mean time the strength and endurance of the seams is also important. A good fitness gear will have extra stitches for added resistance.

Any type of physical activity is a joyful event. You need fitness clothing that is comfortable and has the minimum of accessories possible. No accessories are even better. We go to work out not on the catwalk of a fashion parade. You have to feel good with the workout gear you wear at the gym, at the dancing class or when you go jogging.

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