What to eat and not to eat during summer

May 11, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

What to eat during summer:

  • -fresh fruits
  • -raw or steamed vegetables
  • -fresh natural juices
  • -drink a minimum of 8 cups of water daily
  • -fresh dairies: yogurt, curd, kefir, milk, green ewe cheese, soft cottage cheese
  • -wholegrain cereals
  • -honey
  • -fish as often as you can
  • -grilled chicken or beef with raw salads
  • -iced green tea that can be combined fresh juice or honey
  • -iced herbal or fruit teas to quench your thirst

What you shouldn’t eat during summer:

  • -smoked foods, fatty foods, fried foods and long time cooked foods.
  • -fatty cold cuts
  • -alcoholic beverages, especially if it is extremely hot outside
  • -very cold beverages when outside is very hot. Because of the temperature difference between the temperature of your body and that of the cold beverage your neck can become sore and inflamed. You can even choke because of the possible swelling.
  • -concentrated sweets
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