What Most Dieting Plans Lack

July 10, 2010

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Dieting is wishful shrinking~Author Unknown

When we think of losing weight immediately we thing of dieting. But most dieting plans have a flaw in them. Their thinking is all wrong from the get go. The logic is as follows:” I am fat because I ate too much. To get thin I have to eat a lot less food.” It all sound perfectly good in theory, but in fact it is flawed reasoning.

You don’t get fat just because you eat too much food. There are persons who eat a lot less food and still gain weight. The problem lies in the lack of physical activity. Cushy jobs, the television and the computer make us fat. The more inert you are the more likely you are of getting fat.

Food in itself doesn’t make you fat. Lack of physical activity does make you fat. You can eat all you want during a day, all the junk food you desire if you are digging in a mine all day long. Hard work requires lots of food to be able to keep the body functioning at peak performance.

Nowadays when everything is done with the push of a button, while highly caloric foods are all over the place, keeping the weight off is a losing battle. To turn the tides in your favor you will have to start working out. Get involved in some physically challenging tasks, do more manual labor and it doesn’t matter what dieting plan you choose to follow, you will lose weight.

Exercising is a crucial part of any successful weight loss plan. I would even dare to say that exercising is even more important than dieting. Dieting plans help you get a handle on the food part of weight loss, but the true reason for gaining weight doesn’t lie with what you eat. The source of your problem is the lack of exercise and physical activity form your life. That is what made you fat. To lose weight and keep it off you will have to start exercising regularly and never stop. That way you will lose weight and better your health super fast.

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