What are the food allergy symptoms?

June 1, 2009

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When you have an allergic reaction from something you have just eaten you have to know for what to look for. That way you will know if you are having an food allergy or something else like a food intoxication.

All the symptoms of food allergies appear in a couple of minutes, way less than 1 hour, from the moment when the allergic food was eaten. A food allergies appears at first as a itchiness in the mouth, then a difficulty of breathing and swallowing sets in. If you have swallowed the allergic food you will get dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pains.

The allergens from food can create dizziness, weakness and anaphylactic shock. The anaphylactic shock can lower your blood pressure and even kill you. The anaphylactic reactions are severe, even when they start with weak symptoms like a tingly sensations in the mouth or throat, an abdominal discomfort. Warning: untreated the anaphylactic shock can be lethal.


What are the most common food allergies

The most common allergies found in adults are those created by seafood, nuts and peanuts, eggs and fish. If you are very sensible even a small quantity of these foods can create a very violent reactions. If you are less sensible you might not even notice the allergic reaction created by eating a small quantity of allergic food.

Children usually suffer from egg, milk, peanuts, tomatoes and strawberries generated allergic reactions. Children have a chance to get over their allergic reactions and stop getting them. If you are an adult and you still have allergic reaction there are slim chances of getting rid of them.

As an interesting funny fact people usually get allergic reactions from the foods that are the most common around them. For example in Japan rice allergies are the most common while in Scandinavia code fish allergies are most common.



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