Water Fasting For Rapid Weight Loss and Cleansing

Water fasting has been used since the ancient times, and is thought to assist in letting individuals focus their thoughts and purify their bodies. Today, holistic health practicioners use this fast in a similar way, to reset the digestive system and improve the function of the whole body.

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This cleansing fast are also used in allowing significant weight loss, and due to it’s ability to be effective at reducing body weight rapidly, the popularity of water fasts have gone up immensely.

Water fasting involves a set time where the individual is only allowed to consume fluids. During this ‘rest time’, the digestive system is given time to relax, and the body’s cells supposedly burn up excess nutrients and expel toxic wastes.

Water fasts supposedly cleanses the respiratory,circulatory, digestive and urinary systems, repair damages tissues and in some way, boost self-esteem.

One Day Fast

One can start a water detoxification with a one day fast. When the body gets used to constant consumption of water, you can work your way to fasting from all food, or only solid food.

  • Allowed:

Water, fresh fruit juice, fresh vegetable juice

  • Not Allowed:

Vegetables, whole grains, bread, pasta, soy products, milk, cheese, butter, eggs, meats, alcohol, caffeine, yogurt, ice cream, fast food, junk food, sweeteners, artificial flavoring, prepared foods, vegetable protein, nicotine

The Skinny

The main benefit one gets from this water fast is the rapid weight loss result it offers to those who wish to speed up the process of shedding off the extra pounds. The fast becomes some sort of a catalyst for an overall body wellness. 

However, water fasting is not easy to do, especially if you’re someone who’s used to eating three square meals a day or even more. To prevent shocking your system, take it easy. Start with a one day fast, and from there, work towards fasting regularly, one day per week or for longer periods of time.

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