Want to Burn More Calories? Increase Your Daily Physical Activity

August 6, 2009

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Maybe you aren’t ready to get into a workout program full of exercises to get in shape fast. But you can be more active and make the daily chores help you get in shape. It can seem a simple and simplistic way to avoid the gym. But studies have shown that any physical activity is better than none as long as it is done frequently.

Many studies have shown that 30 minutes of daily physical activity will help you be healthier. You will maintain your weight or even lose weight if you are really active during the day. A good goat to set if you are a couch potato is to burn 1000 more calories each week. This is a much more appealing goal than increasing the tine dedicated to daily physical activity.

All you have to do is engage in more daily activities that put you on the move. Anything that requires more movement should be embraced. Be creative and find new way to be more physically active during the day. Soon you will reap the results of all the buzzing around that you do.


Here are some examples of daily physical activities you can engage in more often:

  • -take a short walk in your own garden (if you have one – or you can borrow a friend’s garden for this). You don’t just walk you also bend over and pluck some weeds form the garden. You burn 60 calories this way.
  • -walking around your house, inside or outside of it, for 5-6 minutes burns 40 calories.
  • -forget the elevator was ever invented. Use the stairs. You burn 16 calories for each flight of stairs you use.
  • -sing “We are the World” or any other favorite song at a karaoke bar or under the shower and you burn 20 calories.
  • -play with your children if you have any. It’s fun and a hell of a workout too.

Even if these physical exercises aren’t as effective as going to the gym, you can do them anywhere and you don’t have to pencil them in your schedule. You can be more physically active while doing your old mundane tasks. All you have to do is desire to be more physical active and use your imagination to make it so.

For example stop taking the car to go to the corner shop and buy some milk. Walk to the store. 10 minutes of walking are good for your health and you will also burn almost 100 calories.

Another trick you can use to increase your daily physical activity is to avoid using chicken appliances while cooking. Cook the old stile using the force of your own body to create the food. It will take a little longer but the food will taste better I guarantee. Besides you will burn a lot more calories this way.

By combining being more physical active with a weight loss diet you stand the best chance to lose weight in an efficient manner. It’s that simple.

I leave you with this question: How can you increase your daily physical activity? Write all the answers down and implement as many as you can.

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