Using color therapy for weight loss

May 15, 2009

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The color of the food and how appealing it is are two closely related factors. Just the sight of food is enough to trigger a reaction in the hypothalamus. So color therapy or cromotherapy can be used to influence your eating habits.

Studies have shown that the subjects that ate in the dark reported the lack of an essential element that made them to appreciate or not the food: the look of the food. What this means is that your body needs to be convinced by the look of the food that it is worth the effort before the taste buds give their approval too. This is why some foods aren’t eaten even if they taste good. If a food looks horrible your brain doesn’t go oh boy tasty food. A food must look appetizing to be appetizing. When it comes to the colors we like to see on our plates we tend to like any green, brown or red colored food.


As an experiment try eating blindfolded or with your eyes. You will realize that you lack appetite and you will eat much less food. Of course eating won’t be that easy either. It is a challenge to eat something with your eyes closed. Maybe you can convince a friend to help you with the experiment by feeding you the food. You will then know for sure that color therapy or colorology can give you an extra hand in accelerating your weight loss efforts.

The easiest and healthiest thing you can do is to eat foods already colored by nature. The most varied options from the point of their color are given by fruits and vegetables. Still during the cold season it is recommended for your health to eat meat from time to time.

To lose weight using color therapy you can either make foods that look disgusting or foods that are healthy and look tasty. I personally chose the second. You can cook tasty looking meals based on vegetables and fruits. Your taste buds will be also pleasantly delighted if you use lots of spices for extra flavor.

Many people avoid eating lots of vegetables because they say they aren’t tasty. Well now you know that you can make them look tasty. And with the help of spices you can also make them tasty. All you have to do to eat much more healthy food is to go get a vegetarian cook book and start experimented. There are lots of veggie recipes out there to satisfy every taste buds desires. With a little care you can also make the veggie meals look appetizing too for that extra incentive to eat them.

I don’t say you should exclude meat from your meals. I suggest you eat low fat meat in smaller quantities. Make meat the side order and eat more vegetables.

I wish you luck in coloring your meals and making them more appetizing. If you stumble upon a great colorful recipe pleas add it in the comments below.

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