Tom Cruise’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Getting His Figure is Possible

March 1, 2011

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Tom Cruise certainly needs no introduction. Considered one of Hollywood’s brightest stars, the 3-time Oscar nominee is the perfect combination of charm and killer looks, captivating the hearts of his audiences with stunning portrayals in movie hits such as Mission Impossible, Collateral, and Top Gun.  His clean-cut looks, megawatt smile and easy charisma endears him to people of all ages, and his fit physique definitely adds to his charm. Here, the diminutive 5 foot 7 Tinseltown A-Lister shares his tips for his buff body, and how hard work made him who he is now.

Tom-Cruise.jpg“Growing up, I always ate what was on my plate and sometimes the person who finished first got the extra piece. So when I first began making money as an actor, it was a thrill being able to have any kind of food I wanted and eat as much as I liked. These days I love well-prepared lobster, pasta and flounder … and strawberries,” he shares.

Tom Cruise’s diet involves a low carbohydrate diet with no junk foods allowed. His diet allows him to eat meats, cheeses, fats, and certain green leafy vegetables as long as the carbohydrate consumption is kept in a minimal level. At the same time, Tom Cruise’s diet doesn’t allow him to eat any foods with sugar, white flour, and starchy vegetables.

He consumes daily a lot of fiber-rich foods especially vegetables and fruits that will help a lot in increasing muscle mass quickly. Together with this, he consumes at least 10 glasses of water per day to keep him hydrated and to maintain his body temperature at a normal level.

Tom Cruise’s diet involves consuming 6 to 8 small meals daily that helps in speeding up metabolism and losing weight too.

For Tom Cruise’s exercise routine, he hits the gym daily to do one hour and a half of workout. He’s into sports as well which gives him time to have fun and a form of workout too. He maintains his shape with the use of medium intensity cardio workouts such as cycling, running and jogging.

Furthermore, Tom Cruise’s exercise routine includes average intensity exercises such as push-ups, pull-up that has to be done daily to increase his endurance and strength. To increase the size of his muscles, he does strength training exercises like lat pull-ups, bench and dumbbell curls.

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