There Are No Quick and Easy Diets to Follow

July 12, 2010

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Dieting is not a piece of cake.~Author Unknown

Everybody wants quick and easy diets. But to get good weight loss results, to lose a lot of weight, you have to go out of your eating comfort zone. The more uncomfortable you get the more weight you will lose.

If you seldom eat fruits and vegetables, eating more of them won’t come natural to you. You will feel the heaviness of the change, your mind and body will fight it. Change is hard. Some psychologists say that we humans fear change more than death. Sounds a little crazy, but it is true.

Think about it. Do you have one habit that you know is bad for you? I am sure you have at least one if not a whole lot more. I do to, but I am working on them. Why haven’t you changed that habit into something more constructive? Try changing it and you will see just how rooted you are in your set patterns.

Any diet, regardless how easy it might seem at first will bring a certain degree of novelty in your life. How you embrace that novelty will decide if the diet will be a success or not. Learn to be more flexible in your behavior, and dieting will become a piece of cake.

There are no easy diets to follow at first. My advice to you is to pick a diet that seems easy to follow. Get started on that diet and get some quick results. You have to choose the easy diet to follow. The diet should seem easy to do to you, not to your friends or lover. If a diet seems easy to follow it means that it is close enough to your current eating habits.

A diet so close to your eating habits won’t help you lose a lot of weight but you will lose some. What this diet does is help you choose another diet that seems easy to follow that promotes even more healthy eating habits compared to your old one. By chaining easy to follow diets together, one after the other, you slowly but surely change your lifestyle and eating habits.

You don’t have to chain more diets. You can use the same diet, and as time progresses take more and more unhealthy foods out of it and ad more and more healthy ones instead. So you start with a dieting plan that allows you to eat almost anything under the sun, and end up with a diet plan that is super healthy and easy to do. Why easy? Because you made it so. You got used to it gradually. Instead of jumping in and hoping for the best you got your body and mind used to it gradually. This yields a lot better results.

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