The Zen diet or how to lose weight without stress

March 26, 2009

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Fatigue, depression, muscle aches… stress can be really harmful for your health. But did you know that stress is also a sworn enemy of your waist. If you want to lose weight without stress and without fatigue discover the secrets of the Zen diet. The Zen diet will help you overcome the obstacles that you must overcome to lose weight.

After the Buddhist Zen philosophy, every person can attain the “illuminated” state in this life with the help of meditation and the development of a mental and spiritual discipline. The Zen philosophy first appeared in China and got spread because of the Japanese Buddhist monks. Today Zen is synonymous to meditation.


Being assaulted all the time and form everywhere on the physical and spiritual plain, your body gets its energy levels drained, flinging the door wide open for stress and his little friends like insomnia, nervousness, irritability, aggressive temper, back aches and much more disturbances. Also stress plays a central role in weight gain. In fact several studies have shown that stress is the main culprit for the change in our eating habits and for destroying your weight balance.

Stress is in fact o double edged problem. On one hand it affects your digestive system and hormonal system, which can favor weight gain. On the other hand because of stress we tend to eat between meals thinking that we can compensate for some of the stress symptoms. This is a habit that could prove extremely dangerous for you figure. Of course you might now ask how comes that stress makes some lose weight and others gain weight. Well there isn’t a clear answer because this mechanism isn’t yet understood in its full complexity. The scientists believe that the neuro-mediators, meaning the substances that transmit the nervous signal, play a key role in the process described above. For women the news are even worst because studies show that women are more effected by the stress effect then men. Women tend more to seek solutions and refuge in food and binging.

To offset all the bad effects of stress you should meditate once a day for at least 10 minutes. Create a special place in your house that is more secluded and comfortable. Instruct the others not to bother you during your meditation. Play some calm music, or even nature sounds. Close your eyes and let yourself drift on the soothing melody. Imagine your body getting revigorated and washing all the daily stress away.

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