The Watermelon Health Benefits: tasty watermelons are healthy too

June 25, 2009

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The watermelon can be a true medicament against various ailments. If you suffer from renal and biliary problems, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism, constipation, acne, skin diseases are all alleviated or even cured by eating watermelons. Watermelons are made of 95% water, natural sugars, lycopene, enzymes, acids all of them making watermelons very healthy. During a hot summer watermelons are a fabulous source of hydration. You can also eat lots of watermelons if you want to lose weights.

A slice of watermelon will replace a glass of juice. Eating some watermelon instead of drinking unhealthy soft juices is especially healthy. You will get hydrated and more healthy at the same time.

Watermelons are really healthy and good to your kidneys. Because of their high water contents watermelons have an excellent diuretic effect. Try a watermelon diet for 2 weeks, a diet in which you have to eat at least 4 pound of watermelon daily for 2 weeks.


Because of the amino acids it contains, watermelons are recommended to people suffering from cardiovascular problems. Your heart gets protected by the amino acids, lycopene and beta carotene the watermelon contains. Lycopene is an antioxidant found in watermelons in pretty high quantities. Beta carotene isn’t just a protector of your heart it is also an ally against cancer. You need the help of amino acids, lycopene and beta carotene to maintain your body healthy.

By keeping a watermelon diet, 4 pound daily for 2 weeks, you detoxify your body. Watermelons are great at casting away the toxins accumulated in your body. That is why watermelons are good at alleviating and even curing acne. The amino acids and enzymes fortify the detoxing effect of watermelons.

If you wish to lose weight after a long time of unhealthy eating, watermelons are great. Watermelons have a low caloric value and have a fabulous diuretic effect which helps us lose weight and detoxify our bodies.


Like any fruit watermelons are full of vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin A, C, B and potassium. Vitamin A is the vitamin of the eyes and skin, protecting you from infections. Vitamin B is the vitamin of happiness because it helps you get rid of stress and its side effects. Vitamin C make your immune system stringer. Potassium will make sure you don’t get muscle aches or cramps, managing the water content of your body.

Watermelons also have an aphrodisiac effect. They are great for a romantic hot summer night with a loved one. Recently it has been found that watermelons have a Viagra effect on the sex life of men. Just a hint for a more powerful and erotic night.

I love watermelons. They are one of my favorites fruits. If you like them too at more because they have many health benefits.

PS: watermelons are great for sculptures too as you can see in the picture above.

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