The Water Element Diet: what Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces should eat

June 29, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

Water signs have personalities that are always changing and are very sensitive when it comes to their feelings. They live life very deeply. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the water signs. All those born under a water sign have recurring health problems that appear and disappear from time to time.

Water is the element that governs all the bodily fluids (blood, lymph and water) and the reproductive system. The water signs are sensible to viruses, bacterium and are very easily influenced by the pessimism and negative emotions of those surrounding them.

For those born under a water sign water plays a central role in their life. If they don’t get all the water they need they get dehydrated fast, the elimination of toxins is slowed down, their skin becomes dry… That is why it is recommended for them to drink lots of liquids and eat foods that contains lots of water like tomatoes, cucumbers, oranges, watermelons. When the water signs doesn’t manifest itself as powerful as it should they should avoid eating foods that have a diuretic effect like: cabbage, celery, carrots or beans. Recommended foods for water elements that are good for them are whole grain cereals, dairies and fresh fruit juices. They can even have sleep problems.

When the water element is in surplus, water signs can have problems related to their weight and their digestion is slow. If you are a water sign you should avoid sweets, pastry, fatty and salty food, fast food. You should also start working out, diminish the quantity of foods you eat and eat lots of fruits.

Those born under a water sign should eat warm food, easy to digest, that has a watery or moist contents.


Those born under the Cancer sign have to be careful to health problems that affect their teeth, bones, especially their spine, eye problems and varix. All these can be caused by the lack of calcium fluoride, the mineral specific to Cancers. They have to avoid sweets, sugar, spicy spices, and fatty food because Cancers can get fat fast and can develop gastric problems. You can get calcium fluoride from egg yolks, yogurt, cheese, milk, rye, broccoli, cauliflower, bananas and tomatoes.

I know many Scorpios that love eating and overeat frequently. Scorpios crave food and love extra large meals. It seems that these is the tendency of this zodiac sign. That is why Scorpios, especially men, need to eat smaller meals and control their food cravings. Binging is something recurring in the life of Scorpios and they have to learn how to control themselves. Those born under this sign have as their mineral calcium sulfate. Calcium sulfate is a mineral that plays a central role in stopping infectious diseases and healing tissues. It there is a lack of calcium sulfate in your body you will start suffering from health problems related to your intestines, reproductive organs, neck area, mouth, nose and esophagus. Usually the lack of calcium sulfate is accompanied by colds and infertility. Foods that contain calcium sulfate are: cauliflower, onions, radishes, tomatoes, asparagus, figs… Other recommended foods for Scorpios are fish and dairies because they contain calcium, salads, cucumbers, celery, red beet, citric fruits, bananas, almonds…

Pisces should reduce the quantity of salt they eat. Iron phosphate, meaning iron, is the mineral specific to Pisces. When the human body doesn’t have enough iron you become anemic and the transport of oxygen in your body is less effective, the heart beats become irregular, the blood pressure drops and inflammations might appear. Foods rich in iron are egg yolks, meat, liver, kidneys, beans, spinach, whole grain cereals, onions… The fruits full of iron are apples, grapes, oranges, lemons, peaches, raisins, plums and dates. Pisces should avoid drinking coffee and alcoholic beverages.

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