The Thighs and Buttocks Workout

January 27, 2010

Exercise & Fitness

Of course, you keep your daily diet to be as low in fat as possible and you have purchased a series of specific cellulite removal creams. But all of these measures would remain incomplete if you would not follow a rigorous program of exercises. We suggest three exercises, which I recommend you repeat for six weeks.

The first exercise, consisting in a set of squats, it is very good for both the thighs and buttocks, and for the abdominal muscles too, which have an important role in maintaining your balance. To get the best results I suggest you do 12-15 repetitions every day and during exercise, you can use two dumbbells.


The second thighs and buttocks exercise is a bit more difficult, but the results will be as expected. This exercise is essential to help your buttocks muscle get toned, as well as the inner thighs muscles. The effects will be the more visible if you use dumbbells. Sets of 12-15 are recommended daily.

The last exercise you should include in your workout is ideal for the back muscles; it helps you maintain a correct posture and prevents back pain. 12-15 repetitions every day will do just fine for your goal.

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