The Star Diets: what do stars eat to stay fit and thin?

August 11, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

Celebrities are always in the eye of the public and are always watched by fans and by the media. That’s why stars always have to be careful about their appearance and especially careful about their weight. The thing is that they can afford to pay professionals to keep their weight in check for them. They have special tricks and select diets meant to help them keep fit.

Here are some of the stars and their star diets:

Angelina Jolie eats plenty all day long but never enough to fill her up. And for dinner she enjoys a glass of soy milk, beef grill with vegetables or seafood.


Rock and roll legend Bryan Adams enjoys a nice fruit breakfast each morning and usually doesn’t have anything till lunch.

Julia Robert’s diet is made up of salads, veggies and fish. Since she doesn’t like to miss out on all her favorite foods, she eats a little of everything. Her favorite deserts are ice-cream and pan-cakes.

Drew Barrymore keeps hear weight in check by drinking diet coke with lots of ice cubes. Sometimes she indulges in her lust for vegetarian hamburgers and jelly.

Claudia Schiffer eats lots of fruits all day long. Dinner is made up of salad and steamed vegetables. Among the daily snacks she enjoys a nice cup of tomato juice or a cup of warm milk. She also likes grapefruit juice and tea.

Demi Moore purifies her body by drinking lots of plant teas. Throughout the day she eats 3 bowls of cereals just to keep fit.

Well these are just some star diets. As you can see there are plenty of choices to please anybody. What all the diets of the stars have in common is moderation. It seems that eating less is very popular amongst the stars. Maybe you should try it too. Don’t get full at each and every meal. Leave a little space in your stomach.

What other star diets do you know? Write them in the comments below.

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