The South Beach Diet Plan: lose weight in a healthy way

January 23, 2010

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What you will do during the South Beach Diet that will help you lose weight and keep it off forever:

  • Eat normal portions of poultry, turkey, fish and sea fruit
  • Eat a lot of legumes, eggs, cheese, nuts
  • Eat salads with olive oil dressing
  • Eat three meals per day and eat just enough to satisfy your hunger
  • Drink water, plus coffee or tea if you want

The worst part of any diet is the feeling of hunger. A good diet plan will never render such discomfort, so it’s recommended you have a snack in the morning and one in the evening, if you feel the need or not. After dinner you can enjoy a desert.

Avoid bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, pastries, bake goods even fruit for the first 2 weeks.

The next two weeks avoid bonbons, cookies, biscuits, ice-cream, sugar, beer or any other type of alcoholic drink, after this you can reintroduce wine. In case you think you can’t give up any of the mentioned foods don’t worry, any and all cravings will disappear after the first two weeks.

The first phase of the South Beach Diet Plan

Until now we’ve discussed about the first phase (the strictest).After the first 2 weeks you’ll lose between 9 and 16 lbs. Then you will notice that a switch has been flipped inside of you which turns of your cravings. You lose weight not because you eat less, but because you eat less junk food.


The Second Phase of the South Beach Diet Plan

As a result of this change you will continue to lose weight even after the first 14 days even if you add some of your forbidden foods such as bread, pasta, rice, cereal, potatoes or fruit.

Chocolate? If it pleases you sure. But you have to choose which one of these you will spoil yourself with. You can’t eat all of them permanently.

Stay in phase two until you reach your target weight. How long will it take? Depends on your target weight, in phase two you generally loose 1- 2 lbs

The third phase of the South Beach Diet

After you’ve reached your target weight you can switch to a more liberal version of the program, which will help you maintain your weight. From this point on it’s no longer a diet but a way of life. You can eat normal food in normal portions. And you can forget about the South Beach under one condition: respect some of its basic rules.

As you lose weight your blood will begin to change, increasing your life expectancy.

One of the main advantages of the third phase is that you can switch form one phase to another. For example if you go on vacation for a week and engorge sweets, you can easily switch back to phase one to lose the weight, then switch to phase to again.

No sport in the South Beach Diet

The South Beach diet works even if you don’t exercise. Although they’re basic for regaining heart health, the South Beach diet isn’t dependent on working out

So start the South Beach diet with one hope- to lose weight. If you keep to it, your hope will change into reality

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