The Secret Weight Loss Tip of the Ages

July 16, 2010

Weight Loss Quotes

We never repent of having eaten too little.~Thomas Jefferson

If you want to lose weight, eat less food. That is the grand elusive secret weight loss tip of the ages. Everybody is looking for the next easy weight loss scheme, when the best way to lose weight is to just eat less food.

The logic behind eating less food to lose weight is solid. Overeating made you fat, eating less food will make you lose weight. True but not quite. For a time you will lose weight if you start eating less food, but eventually your body catches up, starts lowering your metabolism, stopping your weight loss progress dead in its tracks.

You have to manage your eating if you want constant weight loss results. Mindless eating less is as unhealthy as mindless overeating. You just don’t get the desired results. But there is a good part to eating too little food. You will never feel guilty for eating too little.

The shortest path to eat less, while not doing so, is to exchange all the unhealthy foods you currently eat with healthy foods. Thus you will still feel full, but you will actually create a huge caloric deficit. A McDonalds hamburger contains a lot more calories than a homemade fresh vegetables salad. By eating the salad instead of the hamburger, you get to fill your tummy while lowering your calorie intake.

By doing this you will start losing weight and you will never feel hungry. Isn’t that great. Once you hit your first weight loss plateau, start exercising. This will create a new caloric deficit and you still get to eat as much food as you like, just as long as it is healthy food.

It takes your body some time to adapt to a healthy lifestyle, and in the process you can lose lots of weight. You might even find that you don’t need to lose any more weight once you finish the process of getting a healthy lifestyle.

If you still need to lose weight after you stop getting weight loss results from your healthy lifestyle, consider eating less food and exercising more. This is where the true battle against your fat begins.

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