The Quickest Way to Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself

The quickest way to lose weight is to stop eating junk food and start exercising a lot. And I mean exercise a lot. You cannot do fake exercises and expect results. The more intense the workouts are the quicker you will lose weight. As simple as that but getting to the point of working out frequently is the hard part.

I know this form my experience. It takes me pretty much time until I get myself super motivates to go to the gym, and to commit myself to working out 2-4 times each week for 1 hour at least each time. I know I will get fabulous results, but wasting time at home is much more appealing. After all a hour passes much more quickly when playing a video game, surfing the web or in front of the TV than it does at the gym or while jobbing.


If you want to even stand a chance to lose weight you have to exercise. You have to exercise 3-4 times each week. Each time you workout you should workout for at least 1 hour. It is grueling, hard and boring as hell sometimes but it must be done. And I’m not talking about pretending you exercise. You have to sweat and feel at the end of the workout that you have made an effort.

I see a lot of overweight people at the gym where I go that pretend that they want to lose weight. They are barely breaking a sweat and in one year they don’t see much progress. Eventually they get frustrated and I never see them again. Then there are the super fit regular customers that push themselves at each and every workout. They are always in shape and never get fat.

Working out frequently is the quickest way to lose weight permanently but you don’t have to go overboard and overexert your body. You should start slowly and gradually increase the amount of exercises you are going to do and their intensity. If you don’t do any kind of physical activities you cannot expect to be able to run for 1 hour on the treadmill. It isn’t realistic.

Regardless of what type of sport you want to engage yourself, you have to take it slow. Get your body accustomed to exercising regularly. Start with 20-30 minutes of light exercises 2-4 times a week and gradually increase the time you dedicate to each session of workout. You should also increase the intensity of the workout. That is why I like going to the gym and listing weights. If this month I can lift 40 pounds and next month I can lift 50 pounds I know I have made a progress and my workout is even more efficient. It has a built in check.


The ideal would be to always push your body hard enough to get results for each and every workout but still keep the intensity of the workout low enough so you don’t damage your body. Believe me, if you exercise too much or you do the exercises incorrectly you will damage your health. I know this because I made this mistake and it took me about I month to get better again. So be very careful and seek professional advice. You should also listen to your body and never push it beyond its current limits.

You might lose weight quickly by exercising more but you also have to stop eating junk food, especially fast food and soft drinks. This type of food contains lots of calories and almost no nutrients. Your body doesn’t get the vitamins and minerals it requires form KFC or McDonalds meal. By replacing all the junk food you eat today with fruits, vegetables, and lean meat you will cut down seriously on the number of calories you consume daily and also you will give your body all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Increasing and strengthening your muscle mass is a must if you want to lose weight quickly. To build muscles your body needs proteins. That is why if you choose to lose weight by exercising more you will never starve yourself. You have to give your body lots of proteins. That is why eating plenty of lean low fat meat is a must. Meat contains lots of proteins. I recommend you stay away from pork, beef or lamb and instead eat lots of chicken, turkey and fish.

Having a good healthy diet that gives your body all the nutrients it needs is a must if you plant to start exercising a lot as a means to lose weight quickly. That way your body will have all the resources it needs to repair itself and increase your muscle mass at the same time.


Working out frequently is the quickest way to lose weight because it minimizes your chances of ever getting fat again. Most of the popular diets help you lose weight fast but they don’t also help you keep all the weight lost off. That is why most dieters are on a yo-yo ride of weight loss and weight gain. By working out you increase your muscle mass. Muscles don’t only make you look smoking hot but they also burn more calories daily. This means that your metabolism is in super high gear all day long. And after you lose all the weight you want and get the body you desire you don’t have to work out that frequently. You can cut down to 1-2 workouts each week to maintain your body.

A bonus that I believe is lovely is the fact that you will actually become one of those people that can basically anything they want without worrying of getting fat. But don’t exaggerate and overindulge in junk food again because you are going to get fat again. You can take the person with the fastest metabolism on the world and if you force feed it junk food that person will get fat.

As you can see there is no miracle cure or secret to losing weight forever and getting a smoking hot body. It takes work and perseverance and I guarantee you that you will lose weight. All you have to do is work out frequently and eat much more healthy food. This is the healthiest and quickest way to lose weight in my opinion.

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