The Perfect Abs Myths and Facts

We all desire a flat six pack ab. But you must keep in mind a very important fact. You can do all the abdominal exercises you want but if you are overweight all that fat will cover your muscles. This applies to any part of your body and especially for your abdomen.

You can work your ab muscles but the fat blanket will cover them up. No one will be able to enjoy those sexy abs, including you. Some say that fat gets deposited only around the waistline and it spreads from there onto your whole body. This is not true. It’s a myth. Fat gets packed all over your body. Some people start packing fats on their thighs or bum.

If you want to achieve a six pack ab then you must get on a healthy diet. Eat foods that have a lower caloric value. That way you can feel full and lose weight at the same time. You have to lose weight form all over your body.

While eating right you have to work out too. Workout all your muscles not only the abdominal muscles. You cannot get a great looking six pack abdomen without losing all the excess weight. After you reduce the fat deposits from your body you will be able to admire your well sculpted abdomen, thanks to all those ab crunches.


Men and women do the same abdominal exercises. There is no gender difference when it comes to working out your abdominal muscles. If you have a friend who has fabulous abs ask them what kind of exercises they do. Do them and in a short time you will get those great looking abs too.

Don’t overwork your abdominal muscles

Another myth is related to the frequency of the abdominal exercises. It is said that you should exercise your ab muscles daily. Well that is not the best way to achieve six pack abs. As any other muscle your ab muscles need breaks too. You need to let your ab muscles 2 or 1 day of rest between exercises. Create for yourself a ab workout schedule. That way you will follow through and have a higher chance of getting sexy abs.

If for a certain period of time you cannot workout make sure you eat healthy non-fattening food. That way you won’t gain weight and spoil the results you have already achieved. Another popular myth is that if you do not work out your muscles they turn into fats. Totally false.

When you work out your ab muscles don’t rush the exercises. You must feel every ad exercise that you do. Also you must have patience. You cannot get your dream abdomen in 30 days. The key is lots of effort and perseverance.

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