The Kim Kardashian Diet Plan and Exercise Tips

September 9, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Kim Kardashian amazed us all with her dance moves and fit body in Dancing With The Stars. She couldn’t do those complex dance moves if she wasn’t in shape. Kim Kardashian is also the celebrity star behind the show about her family “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

Kim is also some sort of a fitness instructor, promoting her DVD’s “Fit In your Jean On Friday” everywhere. So if you are wondering what kind of exercises she is doing just grab a copy and you will get Kim’s full workout routine. To help you get started using Kim Kardashian workout plan I will shed some light on it below.


Kim works out for 1 hour 3-5 times a week. She starts with 30 minutes of cardio exercises, usually a good run on the treadmill. Then she does 30 minutes of strength training using all sorts of weights. Kim Kardashian mainly focuses on her lower part of her body. Her purpose is that of toning her butt and thighs. Her favorite exercises are squats and lunges.

Don’t think that Kim Kardashian only works her lower body. She keeps alternating between arm and leg exercises during her exercise routine.

When it comes to dieting, Kim Kardashian likes to use her own weight loss supplement QuickTrim tp help her get an edge. By using QuickTrim she helps boosts her metabolism to lose more weight faster.

Besides using QuickTrim, Kim Kardashian also uses a low calorie diet to lose weight when she needs to do so. The combination of a low calorie diet plus lots of exercises has helped Kim Kardashian lose 15 pounds recently. After a non-retouched photo of her appeared online, Kim Kardashian got motivate to lose weight and reach her ideal weight. The low calorie diet and workout plan were a success. Here si what Kim tweeted at the end of her weight loss plan “I am toned, fit and at a healthy weight. I just need to keep it up!”

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