The Health Risks of Weight Loss Pills

January 22, 2010

Diets & Nutrition

Weight loss pills are very attractive for a lot of people, especially women. They use these drugs to suppress their excessive eating habits or for their laxative effect. As long as they are taken under strict medical supervision there is no risk, but if used permanently they are addictive, they can mess with your metabolism, they can disturb your heart rate, cause depression, edemas, …

These pill are considered to be fat consumers, but these products may contain ephedrine and pseudo-ephedrine, which may have potential negative effects on the central nervous system and heart. These supplements do not reduce weight in a healthy way. They are not a safe and effective weight maintenance and may even cause weight gain. As side effects of administration of these pills without medical prescription we can enumerate arrhythmias, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, …


The only one that can say if we can or cannot take these pills is your doctor. It is a well known fact that unbalanced diets, supplements, that are not medically controlled and that offer short ways out are to be avoided. The best way is not to cut corners. Go with a healthy balanced diet, this does not only help you lose weight, it helps you keep it off.

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