The health benefits of working out

June 8, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

The health benefits of working out are varied and already known and proven by science. A good workout influences the functions and systems of the human body, making them work even better.

Working out frequently ensures the maintenance and improvement of the different tissues and organs, improves the functions and puts a stop to the wearing down of your body because of a chronic lack of movement. Also the effects of aging are slowed down.

By exercising your mood becomes more positive and optimistic. Different diseases like spine disorders, endocrine problems and cardiovascular diseases can be alleviated by working out.


The health benefits of working out frequently are:
on the cardiovascular system: workout increases the quantity of blood that your heart can pump. The quantity of blood found in your blood vessels also gets increased. Your blood becomes more fluid and travels more easy through the veins.
the skeletal muscles: increase the resistance and power of your body. You lose your muscle mass as you age. As you age you need stronger muscles to prevent bone fractures from falling.
the fat deposits: working out diminishes the total quantity of fats found in your body.
carbohydrate metabolism: working out frequently increases the capacity of your body to extract the blood sugar and consume it. This is especially helpful for diabetics.
the burning of fats: exercising increases the capacity of your muscles of taking the fats from the blood stream and burning them for energy.
your immunity system: becomes more efficient in putting a stop to every infection and disease that might affect your body.
a better digestion: because working out improves the intestinal transit, preventing constipation.
the nervous system: benefits from regular exercising by increasing the speed of reaction and the reaction to different stimuli.
psychological effects: you will have a better self-image, your work efficiency gets improved, the family mood becomes more relaxed. You start feeling better because of working out frequently. Life becomes more beautiful and full of possibilities.

Working out doesn’t mean you have to become like the next mister or miss Muscles. You have to sculpt for yourself a body that you will like. A body that will make it possible for you to enjoy life should be your goal. Workout and increase your physical endurance and get healthy.

When working out don’t go overboard by pushing your body to its limits. Listen to your body. Workout as intense as you can and remember to have fun. That way you will enjoy working out.

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