The Health Benefits of Stretching

January 15, 2010

Exercise & Fitness

Many people complain they do not have enough time to stretch the way you are supposed to before every physical activity. Although for some people stretches are a waist of time when they are so eager to lift weights. This stage of physical exercise is very important because it prevents injuries and increases flexibility.

Stretching has many health benefits. By stretching, your muscles will become more flexible. Not only you muscles, but your ligaments “get stuck” if you lead a sedentary life, and the moment you go to the gym and start making effort, or even warm up, your muscles will be “shocked” by such a big change, and this thing will reduce your stamina.


Or, on the contrary, when your muscles are overloaded, they tend to contract. Do not be surprised to find out that a person that goes to the gym regularly got injured during a volleyball match. Flexibility is as important to your body as tone and strength.

Stretches before every fitness session will make your work out easier and it will give you the feeling you have a more effective control over your body. The thing that differentiates a gymnast from a fitness champion is extraordinary flexibility, or the ease to make the splits.

When we are born we are gifted with a fantastic flexibility. It’s not a big problem for a baby to put his foot in his moth. But what happens with time? From lack of training our body loses tone and flexibility.

The key to effective physical exercise, whether it is jogging, bicycle or training with weights is warm up accompanied by stretches. These exercises prepare the muscles for effort. If you noticed, before a game, football players stretch first of all.

No matter your physical form, do not exercise without warming up and stretching… lack of these is a ticket towards muscle burns. A few minutes dedicated to warm up and stretches will increase the results of your exercise and even make your job easier. Stretching is very important.

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