The Health Benefits of Linseeds and Linseed Oil

June 26, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

Nutritionists recommend us to eat more seeds, nuts because of their minerals, vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids and dietary fibers. Lately linseeds have grown in popularity from a nutritional standpoint. I know linseeds don’t sound like a appetizing food. Well it can bee and linseeds have many health benefits.

Linseeds have more omega 3 fatty acids than any fish. Fabulous isn’t it. By eating linseeds you will lose weight and protect your heart form diseases at the same time. The fatty acids from linseeds help your body burn more calories, reduce your appetite, and are a blessing for your cardiovascular system and brain. Your heart becomes stronger and you prevent the specific diseases that affect it. Your nervous system and brain will also function better. If you want to avoid health problems related to your liver, kidneys and even diabetes you should make sure gets more omega 3 fatty acid.


Because of the dietary fibers contained in linseeds you will have a lower cholesterol level and a lower blood pressure. The dietary fibers will also help you get rid of constipation. Doctor Gillian McKeith, the author of “Living Food For Health” mentions linseeds as one of the best foods for improving our health. She points out their anti-cancerous properties, reducing the risk of colon, breast or prostate cancer. Linseeds strengthen your immune system.

Have you ever tried linseed oil. It is said that linseed oil helps alleviate intestinal problems. Be careful where you keep your linseeds and linseed oil. Keep them in the fridge. Don’t use the linseed oil for cooking and don’t expose it to heat because it takes away from its beneficial healthy effects.

Nuts, peanuts, almonds and linseeds all have 150 calories per every 25 grams you eat. So don’t eat too much or you will get fat. You should eat 1 to 4 spoons of linseeds 2-3 times a week. You can eat then whole or you can ground them up. You can add them to your salads, or eat them with your cereals.

If you have the opportunity to eat linseeds, eat them. They have many health benefits and you should use them to become healthier.

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