The Health Benefits of Green Beans: lots of healthy iron

June 25, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

Green beans are a great food. They always give you the impression of freshness and aren’t heavy on the stomach. Green beans also have many health benefits.

Green beans are vegetables full of minerals but also vitamins too. From green beans your body gets lots of iron, potassium, phosphor, copper, magnesium and even calcium. Iron is essential in the good functioning of your body. Your immune system and muscles need iron and all of your body functions require iron to be accomplished. Iron is essential for hemoglobin and the fact that green beans also contain copper is fabulous because your body uses copper to increase the efficiency of iron in it. The enzymes form iron help the production of energy.

The persons that need more iron are women during menstruation, children, teenagers. Pregnant women and breast feeding women should make sure they eat foods rich in iron.


Green beans are also a good source of vitamin K, essential for your health and strong bones. You also get vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B3, dietary fibers and omega 3 fatty acids from green beans.

If you are worried how much calories green beans contain you shouldn’t. 125 grams of cooked or boiled green beans has about 43 calories. So if you eat 2 cups of green beans you get 86 calories and a lot of health benefits, including lots of minerals and vitamins.

It is especially recommended to eat green beans when you are struggling with health issues related to inflammations, like arthritis. The vitamin C and beta carotene form green beans have an anti-inflammatory effect and also fortify your immune system thus keeping colds away. Besides vitamin C and beta carotene are powerful antioxidants too. Green beans also has a benefic effect on your cholesterol, preventing it from clogging your blood vessels and protecting your heart form a possible heart attack.

It has been proven that green beans also have a beneficial effect on your colon. The dietary fibers, vitamin C and beta carotene protect your colon and prevent the onset cancer.

When you buy green beans pick the ones that have an intense lush green color. Make sure it doesn’t have any spots of different colors. You can keep green beans for up to 7 days in the fridge if you put it unwashed in a plastic bag.

If you have health problems related to your kidneys or gallbladder you should avoid eating green beans. If not start eating more green beans every week.

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