The Eat To Live Diet: Living The Good Life

February 26, 2011

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The Eat to Live diet developed by athlete turned nutritionist Joel Fuhrman was created for individuals who wanted to look for a balance in the food that they ate. The Eat to Live diet is based on the idea of nutrient density as expressed by the formula Health=Nutrients/Calories


The diet focuses on the concept of how many nutrients are present in the food in relationship to it’s actual caloric content. The Eat to Live diet has a preference towards vegetarian foods, and encourages the consumption of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes and beans.

This eating plan allows the individual to eat unlimited amounts of food from the allowed food groups, with the belief that receiving so much fiber from these nutrient-dense foods will render the slimmer a few pounds lighter due to consumption of fewer calories.

Food List

The Eat to Live diet provides a 6 week vegetarian plan for slimmers, as well as a more moderate plan that allows limited amounts of animal products.



  • all raw veggies
  • cooked greens
  • beans
  • legumes
  • tofu
  • fresh fruits


  • cooked starchy veggies
  • whole grains
  • raw nuts and seeds
  • soy milk

Absolute no-no

  • Dairy products
  • animal products
  • between meal snacks
  • fruit juice
  • salt and sugar
  • dried fruits

The Skinny

The Eat to Live diet is an aggressive, extremely restrictive menu plan that allows dieters to lose weight without exercise. A drawback of this omnivorous diet is that it may not provide adequate protein especially for people who are very physically active. 

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