The Dreaded Cabbage Soup Diet: lose weight using the cabbage diet

August 5, 2009

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I have a very sensual friend who is a model. A year ago she had to lose some weight fast and get the oh so desired size 90-60-90. She has been working as a mode since she was 14 year old and this contract was a big deal for her. But she had to lose some weight fast if she wanted to get the contract. She decided to go on the dreaded cabbage diet.

Now my friend maintain her weight by drinking lots of water, eating lots of fruits and avoiding fatty foods. She has a lot of willpower. Guess it comes with the job description.

She told me she loves sweets so she is unable to not eat sweet delights. Especially chocolate. But she does exercise for 30 minutes every morning and goes swimming 3 times a week for about 2 hours.


Let’s get back to the cabbage diet. She went on the cabbage diet for 1 month. The cabbage diet is quite a controversial diet in the diet world. Some love it most hate it. Especially after going on the cabbage diet.

While on the cabbage diet you can eat as much cabbage as you wish cooked in different ways. The most popular cabbage diet is the cabbage soup diet. Basically you eat a lot of cabbage soup. You can also eat cabbage salads or cook the salad in different ways. You are not allowed to eat anything else except cabbage. No bread and no sweets.

My mode friend went on the cabbage diet for 1 straight diet. After the diet she reached her desired size, 90-60-90, and got the contract. But form that day on she doesn’t want to see cabbage ever again. She hates cabbage now.

Have you ever tried the cabbage diet? How was it?

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