The Diet for Healthy Hair: the healthy hair diet

January 22, 2010

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If dry and soft hair depresses you, this next diet is just for you. Did you know that what you eat reflects in your hair’s health? Nothing, not the shampoos, not balms, nothing will help you if you do not give your body the right nutrients.

Here are some tips that can help you in your diet for a healthy hair:

  • -just like your body, your hair needs a balanced and nutrients filled diet to look healthy. This is why the next diet plan is filled with fruits and a large variety of vegetables that are filled with vitamins and antioxidants, cereals for minerals, nuts, peanuts, and seeds for their contents in minerals and vitamins and meat for iron. A cereal based breakfast will prepare your body for the intake of the other substances that you need.
  • -drink an average of 8-10 glasses of water and juice every day. Water does not only hydrate you, it also keeps you hair silky and shiny.
  • Dietary fibers from fruit, vegetables, greens and grains are good for both your body and hair. This plan includes many fiber rich products, with different variants for each meal.
  • Soy products contain phytoestrogens – estrogens from plants – which will significantly improve health status, such as the next diet will recommend soy milk and soy beans as an alternative to snack.


This is how the daily hair diet plan looks like and the three options that let you choose the best variant for you.

For Breakfast

  • – First option: completely based on cereal with milk and pasteurized orange juice or cranberry.
  • – Second option: whole grain with soy milk and juice, grapefruit or strawberries.
  • – Third option: whole grains with pasteurized milk and orange juice and blueberries.

For Lunch

  • – First option: turkey sandwich with slices of bread with lettuce and tomatoes with green pepper and pepper. Mandarins and soy milk.
  • – Second option: pea soup, black bread, rye, broccoli and carrots. Nectarines and soy milk.
  • – Third option: vegetarian pizza, broccoli salad, bell peppers and tuna. Kiwi and pasteurized milk.

For Diner

  • – First option: classic roast beef, mashed sweet potatoes, boiled green beans. Strawberries, blueberries mixed with honey or maple syrup. Low-fat soy milk.
  • – Second option beef with broccoli and oranges, whole rice. Pieces of orange and grapefruit mixed. Low-fat soy milk.
  • – Third option: Glazed pork, Brussels sprouts, lettuce with lemon juice. Baked potatoes with fat free sour cream. Strawberries cake and low-fat soy milk.

For Snacks:
All these delicious dishes will increase your energy levels and at the same time, will nourish your hair. Make sure you choose one snack that contains peanuts and soy every day. Other snack options are:

  • – 1/2 cup of mixed nuts;
  • – 1/2 cup of nuts, seeds and dried fruits;
  • – baked apples;
  • – tofu cubes with fat free sauce;
  • – yogurt with wheat germs, nuts and fruit;
  • – roasted soybeans;
  • – soy milk mixed with seeds and fresh fruit.

Healthy advice: what to do:
• eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for their antioxidants – the more colors, the better;
• take a multivitamin supplement every day;
• choose as little processed food as possible to keep the vitamins content intact;
• drink plenty of water to be constantly hydrated.

What not to do:
• do not drink alcohol;
•do not smoke;
• do not eat highly processed foods (fried foods, cakes, sweets, candy).

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