The Best Fat Burning Foods: eat more foods that burn fat fast

A good and healthy nutrition is the key to losing weight not starving yourself. Did you know that there are foods that burn fats super fast. These fat burning foods should be included in any weight loss diet because they help you melt the fats away much faster.

Exercising is a great way to burn the excess fat but you can help the process out and speed it up by eating the right kind of foods: fat burning foods. The combination of regular exercising and fat burning foods is a super efficient fat burning furnace that will make you lose weight in a heartbeat.

In the fat burning food category you can include all the foods that contain lots of proteins and dietary fibers. These are especially effective at burning the fats accumulated around your waistline. Proteins need more energy to get digested than fats, which make them the wiser choice. That means that the more proteins you eat the more fats you are actually burning. Pretty cool.


Here are the top fat burning foods you should eat each and every week:

Eggs: contain lots of proteins which makes them a fabulous fat burning food. But you have to be very careful because 2 eggs can contain more cholesterol than the daily recommended intake. Fortunately a recent study proved that a cholesterol rich diet doesn’t have any influence on the level of cholesterol form your blood. In fact what makes you ill and fat is a fat filled diet. The more fatty foods you eat daily the more your bad cholesterol level will get increased.

If you are still worried because of the cholesterol found in eggs you can avoid eating the egg yolk and still give your body a lot of proteins. Eggs also contain lots of vitamin B12 which plays a central role in the breakdown of fats.

Beans: contain lots of proteins, fibers and iron. The only downside of beans is that they contain more carbohydrates and fats than your body really needs. If you want to avoid passing gas because of eating beans make sure you cook them very well.

Low fat dairies: a recent study proved that by eating low fat dairies each day you will burn with 70% more fats than if you haven’t eaten those dairies. Another study proved that by drinking 3 glasses of milk per day you can lose a lot more weight than those that follow a diet that contains smaller quantities of calcium. Low fat dairies are fabulous foods that burn fat because they contain lots of proteins and calcium.

Grapefruits: are rich in pectin which is very active in the burning of fatty cells. The awesome thing about grapefruits is that their fat burning powers are also augmented by a special acid found in them. A good weight loss habit is to eat half a grapefruit before each and every meal. Grapefruits don’t only burn the excess fat they also reduce your appetite, making you eat far less food. Read about the grapefruit diet for fast weight loss.

Bush berries: also contain lots of pectin which force the fatty cells to become lose form the fatty tissue found on your body and start the burning process of the excess fats. By eating lots of bush berries you won’t only lose weight you will also protect your body against cancer.

Apples: help you stabilize your blood sugar for longer periods of time than any other fruit. By having a constant level of sugar in your blood, without spikes and low points you will feel far less food cravings, especially for sweets and carb filled foods. Apples are a dieters friend.

Green Tea: helps you increase your metabolic rate. Just by drinking one cup of green tea daily you will burn much more fats. Many consider green tea a super fat burning food. Besides helping you lose weight, green tea also helps you stay healthy because it contains lots of antioxidants. Green tea weight loss is fabulous.


Lean Meat: like turkey or chicken meat contain lots of proteins and almost no fats. You still have to be very careful when buying lean meats because they still can contain lots of fats because some food producers inject them in the meat. So read the label carefully.

A more healthy choice of meat is fish. Salmon and tuna are full of proteins and omega 3 fatty acids which are super healthy fats. By eating fish 3 times a week you also help you body fortify your immune system, making it more efficient at fighting diseases.

Hot peppers and spicy food: are also foods that burn fat. Any food that contains chilies, cayenne pepper or any other hot pepper are foods that burn fats because hot peppers contain capsaicin which is like NOS for your metabolism. For 20 minutes after you eat any hot pepper your body burns a lot more calories. Some studies even claim that your metabolism can stay in high gear for up to 4 hours after you eat a hot pepper.

Capsaicin also helps stabilize your blood sugar, helping you have a better control over your hunger. Besides helping you lose weight hot peppers also help you maintain your heart healthy and make you sweat more profusely (you will detox your body because of this).

Other fat burning foods are: virgin olive oil, asparagus, artichokes, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cod, crabs, honeydew, leeks, lemons, limes, lettuce, lobster, mushrooms, papaya, parsley, radishes, watermelons, strawberries… Almost all fruits and vegetables can be considered fat burning foods because they contain just a few calories and lots of fibers, vitamins and minerals. Some also contain lots of proteins making hem super fat burning foods.

What other foods that burn fat do you know?

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