The Best Fat Burner: the homemade green tea fat burner recipe

There are lots of green tea fat burners on the market nowadays, some of them costing quite a few bucks. But why spend all that money when you can make your own homemade green tea fat burner that will probably be even more healthy and beneficial to you than the store version.

All you need to make your green tea fat burner is some green tea, good clean water and some lemons. The concoction is super easy to make but it takes time until it is ready. You see you don’t brew the tea. By not brewing it you preserve all its beneficial properties.

Fill up a cup with 1 quarter green tea, 2 quarters water and 1 quarter lemon juice. You leave the cup to infuse overnight so that all the ingredients mix together and a lot of the substances found in the green tea get released in the water. When you wake up you drink the homemade green tea fat burner on an empty stomach and you do some light exercises.


Green tea has a very powerful effect on your metabolism, making it much more faster. By intensifying your metabolic burnings you will burn more calories during the day which in turn will help you lose weight or maintain your weight. Green tea weight loss is fabulous.

The light morning exercises are very important and could be considered a part of the fat burner because they help you jumpstart your metabolism and also increase it. The combination of drinking green tea and exercising is a fabulous fat burner.

The lemon juice is very a very important of the homemade green tea fat burner. It has been proven that lemon juice makes the green tea more powerful. The vitamin C found in lemons helps your body absorb much more antioxidants form the green tea. Just by adding some lemon juice in your green tea you will boost your antioxidant retention to somewhere around 80% of all the antioxidants found in green tea.

Lemons and all citrus fruits are also super weight loss foods because they reduce your appetite. Another way you could use this powerful green tea fat burner is to drink it 15 to 30 minutes before each meal. Create for yourself a whole bottle of green tea fat burner and drink one cup before each and every meal.


As a warning if you suffer from insomnia or any caffeine related health issue you should avoid using the green tea fat burner in your weight loss efforts.

Also you should avoid mixing the green tea fat burner with milk. Never drink the fat burner if you know you are going to drink some milk soon. The milk reduces the effectiveness of the green tea fat burner.

If you would like the green tea fat burner to be a little more sweet add some honey in the mix. But whatever you do don’t add any sugar or any other artificial sweeteners in it. Honey is a good natural and super healthy sweetener that you should learn to use more often.

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