The 17 Day Diet For Fast Weight Loss

February 21, 2011

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The 17 Day Diet created by family practice physician Mike Moreno gained fame after its supposed effectivity was featured on television programs such as Dr. Phil and The Doctors. The 17 Day Diet is based on calorie shifting and changing the combination of healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates one consumes while having none of any sugary, fried or processed foods as well as alcohol.

The 17 Day Diet meal plan gives dieters seven days every week their specially created, portion controlled breakfast, lunch and dinner meals designed by doctors and created by chefs.


4 Cycles of The 17 Day Diet

The Diet is broken down into 4 cycles, with each cycle presenting a different way to lose weight:

1. Accelerate– This cycle promotes fat-burning, cleansing and quick weight loss without storing fat. This allows an unlimited amount of nonctarchy veggies and lean proteins, along with limited amounts of fruits, yogurts and healthy fats such as olive and flaxseed oil.

2. Activate- This cycle supposedly resets the metabolism, and reduces the fat servings to one serving while allowing two servings of healthy carbs, pushing calorie intake to about 1, 500 every day. This allows legumes, brown rice, corn, couscous, squash and sweet potatoes in the menu.

3. Achieve- This teaches the good eating habits and signals the start of eating the right carbs the right way. This allows for the addition of more healthy food choices to help achieve a good lifetime of eating habits. The food list is expanded to include more fruits, proteins, fats and starches, which is basically the same with Cycle 2, except that this cycle allows more protein consumption.

4. Arrive- This combines the first three cycles and reinforces the new eating habits learned, while allowing treats in weekends. It is assumed that by this time, the target weight is already achieved, and this phase is all about maintaining that ney physique.

The Skinny

The 17 Day Diet is fairly easy to follow, and is truly effective provided it is done in a short term basis only. It does promote 17-minute daily exercises, but as with other fad diets, the unreealistic ways of eating are hard to maintain over a long term, and dieters end up gaining the weight lost when they stop the diet. 

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