The 1500 Calorie Diet Plan and Menu

August 23, 2009

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When it comes to weight loss it is said that you can lose 6 pounds each and every month if you eat only 1500 calories per day. All you have to do is stop eating fast food and highly processed food. Just a burger and some fries can have more than 800 calories. But if you eat lots of vegetables and fruits the 1500 calories diet is a breeze.

It is very easy to keep the 1500 calories diet. You can eat whatever foods you want as long as you eat around 1500 each day. But you have to know how to plan your meals to make them nutritious and healthy while low in calories.

Here is a simple 1500 calorie diet plan and menu:

For breakfast eat a bowl of whole grain cereals with a cup of milk. You should use low fat milk. Or you can eat a cup of cottage cheese and a cup of peach slices which will give your body lots of proteins. If you are used to deinking coffee every morning you can still drink it as long as you serve it only with low fat milk and no sugar or other sweeteners.

If you wake up craving something sweet you can try eating some pancakes. Not usual pancakes but low caloric pancakes. Just mix cottage cheese with an egg white and oat flour. You serve the pancakes with maple syrup.


For lunch you can eat a nutritious low caloric sandwich. Use whole grain bread for your sandwich. Forget there is such a thing as mayo. I know mayo make any sandwich or salad taste great but you can replace it with mustard if necessary. There are plenty of mustard choices out there. You can make yourself a super tasty whole grain bread with grilled chicken, turkey or low fat meat sandwich. For some extra flavor add some lettuce and fresh tomato slices. You can also add carrots to the sandwich and if you are thirsty you can drink some ice tea.

Even if you don’t have the time avoid buying so called low caloric sandwiches form the fast food chains. They are full of food additives which will influence negatively your health. Make time to cook the meat and prepare the sandwich. Grilled chicken breast is one of my favorite food and it contain few calories also. It is very tasty.

For lunch you don’t have to stuff yourself. Choose to eat something light and healthy. Eat foods that make you feel stuffed rapidly and have few calories. A good choice is some grilled salmon with lemon juice and some whole grain bread. You can exchange the bread with wild rice steamed. If you crave something for dessert you can eat some strawberries.

While you are following the 1500 calories diet you should avoid getting hungry. Hunger is the way in which your body tries to tell you that you haven’t eaten enough food. To quench your hunger and avoid surpassing your daily quota of 1500 calories you can eat a healthy snack that contains just a few calories. You can eat as a snack carrots, celery, apples… You can also drink some water.

We usually mistake being thirsty with being hungry. Drink a glass of water if you feel hungry. If after 15 minutes you still feel hungry eat a healthy snack.

The 1500 calories diet is a diet you can keep of a couple of months to lose a couple of pounds. It isn’t super fast but it is efficient. All you have to do is watch the number of calories you eat daily. If you also exercise a little you will lose even more weight. Walking is a great way to exercise. Just walk for 30 minutes daily and you will burn even more fat.

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