The 1200 Calorie Diet Plan and Menu

August 23, 2009

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Many people are complaining about their weight. They just can’t lose those extra pounds regardless of what they do. Unfortunately they also don’t respect some basic weight loss rules like the number of calories they should eat daily and the size of their servings. Calories play an important role in losing weight. They represent the energetic value of food. Eating too many calories daily, more than your body can burn will make you fat. If you eat less you will lose weight. To help you lose weight you should try the 1200 calories diet.

Everybody is different. For example a person that gets a lot of exercise during the day and tries to eat healthy will need to eat much more calories than a couch potato person. If you workout you burn more calories because your metabolism speeds up. If you want to maintain your muscle mass and have all the energy you need while exercising you have to consume more calories daily. As you can see controlling the number of calories you consume is the key to losing or maintaining your weight.

The 1200 calorie diet is a fabulous way to lose all the extra weight. 1200 calories is the lowest number of calories any human being should consume daily if they want to stay healthy. With the help of those 1200 calories you will get all the nutrients and energy you need. Many weight loss plans are centered around eating about 1200 calories daily.

The 1200 calories diet plan is based on the weight loss principle of controlling and lowering the consumption of calories. If you consume far less calories than you do now, but you still give your body all the vitamins and minerals it needs, the natural process of weight loss will kick in. If you want to lose weight your coal should be eating food that will give you all day long only 1200 calories. For this you have to check the caloric value of all the foods you eat. You can read the package or check online for the exact info.

While following the 1200 calorie diet plan you don’t have to eat only certain types of foods. You can eat anything you like as long as you don’t surpass the 1200 calorie daily limit. But I recommend you eat foods that will fill you up and have a small number of calories. That way you will avoid going hungry. You can eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals and low fat meat.


The 1200 calories diet menu

For breakfast you can eat a cup of skim milk, a banana and a cup of whole grain cereals.

For lunch you can eat a tuna sandwich with whole grain bread, 2 cups of raw vegetables like carrots, peppers, celery and for dessert you can eat a small apple.

As a small and healthy snack you can have a nectarine with a glass of water with lemon juice in it.

For supper you can eat roasted turkey breast, a cup of steamed green beans, or you can eat a salad made out of lettuces, tomatoes, carrots, 2 spoons of olive oil and vinegar. For dessert you can have a peach.

As a light snack before bed you can eat a small ripe pear.

Certain types of exercises should be avoided while on this diet. Physical exercises that put a great strain on your body or push it to its limits should be avoided. The low caloric intake won’t be able to give your body all the energy it needs to repair itself. But you should still exercise a little every day to increase the burning of fats and accelerate your weight loss.


If you follow the 1200 calories diet you might be surprised of how much money you are throwing away on food now. All you have to do is check the number of calories each food you eat contains, and make sure you stay around 1200 calories per day. That way you will eat less food and much more healthy food if you don’t want to starve yourself (which I don’t recommend).

If you don’t want to feel hungry while following the 1200 calories diet plan you have to eat lots of vegetables and fruits. They usually contain few calories and fill you up nicely. You can choose to eat whatever foods you want, which means you will not be bounded by restrictive eating rules, which lead to all sorts of cravings. You have the opportunity to indulge your cravings if they become too large. You can adapt the diet and make it super easy for you to use it.

The only hassle with this diet is the fact that you have to always count the number of calories of each and every food you eat during the day. You will have to plan out your personalized 1200 calories diet menu so that your body won’t miss any of the essential nutrients it needs.

At the beginning of the diet many might feel tired and hungry because of the low daily caloric intake. Your body is used to lots of calories. Your body will have to adapt itself and become more efficient.

This diet isn’t recommended to people who are very active during the day, exercising a lot during the day. If you are very athletic and you use this diet you run the risk of gaining a lot of weight once you go off the diet.

I recommend you use the 1200 calories diet for only a very brief period of time, when losing weight fast is a must. If you want to get the maximum out of this diet you will have to do some lifestyle changes. You have to create and eat much more balanced meals from a nutritional standpoint. You also have to get rid of the stress from your life and become more active during the day while doing your routine chores.

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