Ten Reasons to Work with a Personal Fitness Trainer

February 15, 2010

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For an exercise program tailored to your needs, but also to make sure that you always have someone to motivate you to continue to do sports, a personal trainer is the most appropriate solution. These needs can be linked to the objectives of physical appearance, the daily health program – another factor that requires customization of the sports program.

There are people that want to make some movement in the morning, before going to the office, or at the end of the day, in which case the last thing they want is to resume discussions with the instructor about goals, preferences, etc.., an unnecessary thing if you have a personal trainer, who already knows all these details.

What to take into consideration when choosing a trainer?

The issues that matter in choosing personal fitness trainer. First, it must be communicative and attentive to your needs, adapting exercises to the working capacity of your body. There are people that do not have resistance, but react well to the movements aimed at speed. The results appear as fast in both cases, whatever type of exercise, as long as the exercises come to meet the characteristics of person.

A personal trainer must know how to read a little more of what you communicate to him, in which case it may become a very good motivator for you. He can get to know your needs without even saying them to him.

Pay attention to the capacity to adapt – it does not matter if they have certifications or recommendations it receives from people you know, but its ability to discover what stops you from following a constant sports program.


Here are ten reasons why you should hire a personal fitness trainer.


A professional fitness trainer is not limited only to guide you during the exercise program and also has the role of psychological support, encouragement and motivation when you feel discouraged or feel that there is no progress.


If you feel that you lack motivation and you do not respect your weekly schedule that you’ve proposed, hire a personal trainer. By doing so, you can not have any excuse to not go to the gym on Saturday morning.


You do not know for sure how to use certain appliances at the gym or you need to work out without getting injured and without jeopardizing your joints? Your coach will explain you in detail everything you want to know and will monitor you perform during exercises, so you will be safe.

Personal Training

Exercise programs are not universally valid. What suits a person may not give any results if someone else or even be contraindicated. Your coach will assure your program fits in relation to your health status, weight, height and with the goals that you have proposed.


The first duty of a personal trainer is to supervise you while you perform the program. You need a person to hold your ankles while you do abdominal exercises? You’re not sure it works? That is why the fitness trainer is there: to observe, assist and, if appropriate, correct and guide you.

"When you work in a gym where more people train, you interact with them; you borrow the exercises, which may not be best for you. A trainer who looks after more people does not have the time to to track details such as how you dose effort, break times or proper execution of movements", said the instructor from Cella Center.


Sometimes, it can happen that your training program is dull – since it contains the same exercises. Thus, it is possible that after a while you get bored and never be as efficient. The solution is- again – a personal trainer; he will regularly change your exercises with exercises that have a similar effect, but a different style.

Special training for a particular sport

Even if your lifestyle is busy and characterized by multiple demands of professional and personal nature, anyone can make the time to practice a sport. Do you want to improve your score on the golf course? Or do you want to beat your husband at tennis? Or would you like to browse ten lengths breaststroke style at the swimming pool? For any of these sports, or just about anything else, you can choose a personal trainer who will help you get to the proposed level.

Recovery after any injury

It is inevitable to happen at some point… a sprain, a muscle stretch, or even a crack of the ligaments. If you have a personal trainer, your recovery will be faster and will not risk complications. This is because your coach will establish a special program for recovery, with simple exercises, but stimulating to the muscles and toning.

Training in specific health conditions

Research conducted abroad have shown that people who have health problems (such as asthma, diabetes, osteoporosis, and various cardiovascular diseases) may follow a regular exercise program, it is very beneficial to the body – but only under the supervision of a coach , that knows the situation and will determine the exercises accordingly.


It is known: that if you feel good in your own skin, it will reflect on your appearance – and the other way around. Your personal trainer will not only help you fulfill your objectives, but he will encourage you, providing feedback and advice, he will give you confidence in yourself and courage to take on new challenges.

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