Taye Diggs’ Diet and Exercise Routine: Perfectly Well Sculpted Physique

March 20, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

American theater, film and television actor Taye Diggs is best known for playing winsome roles in popular Broadway musical Rent, blockbuster movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back and top-rating television series Private Practice. He isn’t just good at what he does, this 5 feet 8 inch celebrity hunk also knows how to make women want him with his well-toned figure and good looks. Here, he shares on the diet and exercise routine that has sculpted his body to greatness.

Taye-Diggs.jpgTaye Diggs’ diet involves the low carbohydrate diet that enables him to limit his daily caloric intake through lessening his carbohydrate consumption to 20 to 60 grams per day.

At the same time, Taye Diggs’ diet allows him to eat a lot of proteins and healthy fats to counterbalance the caloric intake he can get formerly from carbohydrates. Taye’s diet is essential not only for weight loss but also for body building.

An example of Taye Diggs’ diet plan on a typical day involves the following meals:

  • Breakfast: eggs, fresh vegetables, low carb biscuits, milk and cereal
  • Mid morning snacks: fruits and nuts
  • Lunch: soups, salads, rolls and wraps containing low carb vegetables and fruits.
  • Dinner: Chicken breast or low carbohydrate pasta

For Taye Diggs’ exercise routine, he works out with his personal trainer at the gym. He also enjoys playing his favorite sport basketball which is a good form of cardiovascular exercise.

At the same time, he does Pilates, a routine that helps in relaxing his mind and body and teaches him the proper way of breathing. It also elongates and increases the flexibility of his muscles.

Taye Diggs’ exercise routine also includes lifting weights which is a fantastic means to shape up his body and gain strength as well. Generally speaking, men have this in their exercise routine to bulk up their muscles.

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