Swimming styles and their benefits for your health

April 22, 2009

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Every swimming style has its advantages and different calorie burning power. Here are the main benefits of the basic swimming styles:

The Bras swimming style:
Beginners usually use the bras swimming style because it is easy. But the benefits get reduced as the bras swimming style is executed more poorly. To get the maximum workout using the bras swimming style you have to make sure you get your head out of the water fully. Also you should never skip a breath. If you don’t do it right you won’t consume the maximum number of calories possible and even get cervical and lower back pains.

The bras swimming style strengthens the muscles that help you keep your posture, avoiding eventual back problems. This style is recommended for persons suffering of asthma. People that have knee problems should avoid using this swimming style because it can worsen them.

One hour of bras swimming burns approximately 250 calories

The Crawl swimming style:
This is the basic swimming style. It needs a minimum of training and endurance to practice it correctly. But the crawl swimming style consumes a whole lot of energy and puts o minimum strain on your body. This swimming style is recommended to everyone.

One half an hour of crawl swimming burns around 700 calories.


The Backstroke swimming style:
This is the recommended swimming style for people who have back problems. Also if you are out of shape this is a great style to get fit and on your way to more health. Breathing is very easy because your mouth and nose are always out of water. The leg movement is similar to the crawl swimming style. There isn’t any strain put on the back and all the muscles needed to achieve a good posture are worked and strengthened. Also future back problems are avoided and reduced. The backstroke swimming style is good to work your arm, chest and abdominal muscles.

One hour of swimming using the backstroke swimming style burns 210 calories

The Butterfly swimming style:
It looks very artistic and it is one of the hardest swimming styles to do. Before you try the butterfly swimming style you should have mastered the crawl and backstroke swimming styles. If you don’t have them mastered you run the risk of getting suffocated and getting back pains. The secret to the butterfly swimming style is coordination between your arms and legs. Your arms and legs have to spring into action at the same time. This swimming style helps you develop the perfect back muscles.

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