Susan Sarandon’s Diet and Exercise: Staying Fit, Healthy and Young

January 9, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Hollywood Icon Susan Sarandon plays strong women’s roles with an edge. The 63 year old Academy Award winner’s beauty stood the test of time. She is as fit as ever, her stunning good looks and regal bearing — does something to the subconscious. This mother of three has healthy eating and exercise habits on her side to help her stay as lean as she is. She truly has some 22-year-olds and many 50-somethings see red.

"My emphasis on being healthy? It’s what you are inside, and it has to do with what you take in." She says. "I eat lots of vegetables, I was a vegetarian for a long time, and I make time for exercise."

Susan-Sarandon.jpgSusan Sarandon’s diet is based on the Nutrifit dieting program which she considers a convenient way for her to eat healthy foods even though she has a hectic schedule.

“NutriFit is a convenient and healthy way to get back on track with your diet, especially when you’re working and too busy to buy groceries. NutriFit taught me that it’s not about eating less, it’s about eating right.” she says.

Nutrifit is a customizable meal delivery program that helps the individual in avoiding any allergies while still getting his or her nutritional needs and achieving his or her fitness goals. It has over 2,200 recipes of very healthy, easy to prepare meals, such as Orange Chicken with Asian Vegetable Mélange and Pumpkin Bisque Soup. 

Even with her busy, spontaneous schedule, she always finds time to walk on her treadmill, saying her family’s history of high cholesterol and stroke has made her more determined to do regular physical activity. Susan Sarandon’s exercise routine allows her to burn 300 to 600 calories per workout.

“I also use exercise balls or play catch with a heavy ball, as opposed to just getting on machines.” She says.

Susan also Pilates, an exercise that helps her with proper breathing and spine alignment, including the strengthening of her deep torso muscles.

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