Stretching for mobility and flexibility

April 7, 2009

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Flexibility is essential when practicing any sport because it maintains the workout results and it reduces the risk of accidents. Bluntly said flexibility is the amount of mobility in your joints and how flexible are your muscles.

Active people use their bodies regularly, and strengthen their muscles in certain areas of their bodies, forgetting sometimes of the need of a balanced muscle mass. Some are totally clueless of the needs their body has. Golf players can have the muscles form one side of their body more developed than the muscles from the other side. Bicyclists can have their back and ab muscles poorly developed because they sit in the same position for long periods of time. Tennis players use their thigh, back, shoulder, triceps and hand muscles.



How can stretching help

By creating a good stretching routine that is included in your workout you can increase the rotation area of your joints. That means preventing accidents and the removal of muscle fatigue because of the oxygen your muscles and joints receive. The neuro-muscular coordination, meaning the time it takes for one impulse to reach the brain and back, will get improved. Also your ability to workout will also increase because a more flexible muscle mass uses up less energy and reduces the neuro-muscular tension.

By joining a class of Hatha Yoga or Pilates soon you will notice and feel the beneficial effects that stretching has. Also stretching at the same time with others is more fun for the practitioner. So joining a group is recommended.

Many people get a pure satisfaction feeling that can be seen on their faces when after a exhausting hour long aerobic routine or endurance training they come in for some stretching. It’s like they are getting their mission accomplished by adding flexibility and coordination to their workout. Also a properly structured Pilates of Hatha Yoga exercises can contain the stretching and aerobic workout in one single bundle. Two for the fun of one.

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