Stop Eating White Bread to Get Healthier

June 4, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

5 slices of white bread can be too much. A study realized by the International Journal of Cancer shows that white bread eaters have a greater chance of getting cancer. It seems that high quantities of glucose in your blood stream can lead to the apparition of cancerous cells and stimulate their development.

Processes foods like white bread contain a higher quantity of glucose. There has been a relative link between white bread and kidney cancer.

Menopause women should eat foods that contain less glucose so that they don’t accelerate a possible breast cancer. To be on the safe side and enjoy a super health you should eat less processed foods and more raw vegetables, fruits and cereals.


When you buy packaged bread remember to read the label for its ingredients. Don’t let the spur of the moment decide your health. It may be the cheapest bread but it might also be the most toxic one. Don’t get fooled by good looking packaging. First read the label. How much salt, sugar, corn syrup and other preservers does the bread contain. It is imperative for your health to make the best healthiest choice. The less ingredients and the more natural they are the more healthy the bread is.

Already sliced bread contains lots of preservers to make it last longer and keep it fresh. If you have a corner bakery you are truly blessed. Fresh bread is way healthier and a better choice. Sliced bread usually has more salt than usually. Salty food is not recommended if you suffer from heart problems or if you have high blood pressure. Specialists say that in 100 grams of bread there must be just 1 gram of salt.

White bread creates the pot belly

The scientists form the Tufts Boston University warn us that white bread can increase the number of inches of your waistline. By comparison people that usually eat whole grain products usually don’t have a pot belly. White bread also rapidly increases the glucose level from your blood stream. That way the production of insulin gets increased and your appetite becomes greater also. That is why white bread is one of the main causes of diabetes and obesity.

If you combine white bread with vegetables and white meat the negative effect on the blood sugar level is reduced to a certain degree.

Stop eating white bread if you what to be healthier. Start eating whole grain bread if you just can’t stop eating bread altogether. It is much healthier.

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