Stereotypes: Overweight People Are Lazy While Skinny People Aren’t

May 4, 2010

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It is a very popular belief that overweight people are lazy. In fact a recent study made by Tanya Berry at the University of Alberta proved that this stereotype is alive and thriving.

Many when they see an overweight person browsing the web or watching TV jump to conclusions an label that person as lazy. After all how can an overweight person not be lazy> If they would be more active they wouldn’t be fat. But the truth isn’t as simple as that.

If a skinny person was doing the same activities labeled as laziness on the part of overweight people, they wouldn’t get blamed for being lazy. People would thing that they were just resting. This perception isn’t true unfortunately. There are plenty of skinny people who are lazy. In fact laziness has nothing to do with how much you weigh.

In our modern times work isn’t something physical anymore. Most jobs demand you sit still in a place, usually at a desk, typing away and making calls. The truth is the harder you work at your desk job the bigger the chances of getting overweight.

According to the study done by Tanya Berry people couldn’t help themselves stereotype overweight people as lazy and skinny people as not lazy. It was something instinctive. The bad part about this is that stereotypes influence people’s behavior at an unconscious level. This means that overweight people have to work a little harder to form a better image of themselves in the minds of the people they meet while skinny people have it a lot easier.

If people will be able to realize the preconceived ideas they have about overweight people and get past them the world will be a better place. People should not condemn overweight people, they should see them for who they truly are and even help them lose weight if possible.

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