Stay Healthy and Lose Weight by Eating Many Healthy Types of Food

October 5, 2009

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If you are trying to lose weight and changing your lifestyle to be more healthy, it doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy food anymore. Sure, to lose weight you have to lower your calorie intake, but there are hundreds of low cal healthy foods that you can try.

You don’t have to dread mealtime if you get into the habit of trying something new form time to time. There are lots of healthy recipes that I am sure you haven’t tried yet and there are lots of foods, especially exotic ones, that wait for you to discover them.

A big part of eating healthy food is the joy of eating savory foods that give your body all the nutrients it needs. Besides reaping pleasure from eating lots of tasty foods you will also strengthen your immune system and fortify your overall health.


There are lots of fruits and vegetables you can eat. All of them will help you keep your weight in check and even lose all the excess weight that you might have. Other diseases like cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure are directly linked to unhealthy eating habits. By avoiding to eat fatty foods, especially those filled with saturated fats, you drastically reduce your chances of getting the above mentioned diseases. Even if you don’t lose weight, or you don’t need to lose weight, adopting healthier eating habits will benefit your health a lot.

By eating many types of food you keep your body healthy. There isn’t a single food that can give your body all the nutrients it needs in the right amounts. That is why you have to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and low fat meat. This way you will tip-top health.

If you eat the same type of foods all the time you are going to get bored and you will feel the need to try something else. Instead of going for junk food you should try some other type of healthy food. Go on an adventure and try new recipes and new foods. Variety is what keeps life interesting and you should try a new food or new recipe each week. You can eat your old favorite foods and discover new ones as time passes. This way you will never get bored or find it a chore eating healthy foods.

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