Stacy Keibler’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Right from a Model and Wrestler

January 8, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Professional wrestler turned actress Stacy Keibler is a blonde with attitude and legs that won’t quit. Judging her sexiness would be like trying to find a fault in Michaelangelo’s paintings,  because she is one babe hotter than the sun on a summer’s day. With her 5 foot 11 frame and pretty features, she makes it her own rule to maintain that enviable physique with the proper diet and exercise.

"My body’s in top shape, I’m very active, I do love to eat, I’m a good cook, but my active lifestyle allows me to burn the extra calories right off."

Stacy-Keibler.jpgStacy Keibler’s diet follows the low carbohydrate eating plan, where highly digestible carbohydrates are replaced by lean proteins and healthy fats.

Stacy’s diet plan restricts her from eating sugar, white flour, and starchy vegetables, while allowing her to consume as much lean proteins and fats as possible.

Stacy is full of surprises. Aside from admitting her skills in cooking, she also admits to loving what she calls her "wild" workout. Stacy Keibler’s exercise routine includes spinning, Pilates, weightlifting and cardio workouts. 

"Spinning and Pilates, that’s for lengthening my muscles." She says. "My personal trainer makes me lift weights, but she also makes sure to change the routines often so I don’t get too bulky-looking."


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